Protecting and Restoring <strong>YOUR HOME AND BUSINESS AFTER A LOSS</strong>

Accidents happen. So do storms and other disasters. When damage is inflicted by one of these perils to your home or business you naturally put in a call to your insurance company who in turn sends over one of their adjusters. This adjuster will survey the extent of the damage, determine values of your property and offer a settlement based on the provisions in your policy. For many people, this is the end. They receive a check from their insurance company and begin the rebuilding and repairing process with the funds they received.

What’s more, many insured’s often do not realize that they are personally responsible for proving thteir claim by submitting estimates, providing detailed inventories of their damaged personal property and presenting documentation and evidence of their claim. Resolving even the smallest claims can prove to be a very tedious and lengthy process. The claim investigation and production of sufficient documentation is time consuming to say the least. At HCS we are here to help anyone involved in the claim process to better support the value of the loss and aid in a fair and adequate settlement for all parties.

An insurance claim is not a single event – it is a process. This process can contain confusing terminology, intricate details, and complex protocols which can lead to increased costs, extensive delays, and a possible loss of settlement funds that the claimant rightfully deserves. Haden Claims Services(HCS) is just what it says it is: People who have years of industry proven skills specializing in commercial and residential property insurance claims. HCS acts as an advocate for the policyholder and or the insurance company so that a fair and reasonable settlement can be achieved.

HCS Claim professionals, especially those handling high-exposure claims, are experienced and very well trained. They are prepared to assess and analyze the claims they are handling. Our professional adjusters have a strong command of the operative facts and the legal theories of the case. There is just no substitute for that experience and skill set.

At HCS we utilize state of the art estimating software programs from a multitude of vendors to prepare damage estimates. More importantly, HCS realizes that estimating software programs have their limitations. This is where HCS relationships with residential, commercial, retail, specialty, and industrial builders comes into play. We prepare our expert witness reports with “real” numbers for which a job can be completed.

One of the priorities for HCS is to effectively communicate with all involved parties keeping our clients informed at all times during the process. To help with this, HCS has a secured web based portal that allows our clients access to their claim file at any time.

This is where public insurance adjusters are able to offer assistance. Public adjusters are professionals, licensed and bonded by the state to represent the insured’s best interests. Public adjusters work strictly for the insured they represent by compiling documentation, utilizing licensed engineer and contractor reports, preparing a precisely detailed estimate of what is required to properly repair property and belongings and negotiating a fair and equitable settlement on the insured’s behalf.