Fire Damage

Fires take special attention to details and information. It’s not simply that something caught fire and cause damage. Most adjusters simply replace or clean and paint depending upon the amount of charring, smoke or soot. However, most people do not understand that when certain materials burn they can let off toxic fumes and soot. Those toxic fumes and soot can be a long term life health issue and do not simply go away with a cleaning. Everything from the type of construction, the construction materials, the age of construction, the amount of heat (British thermal units) the contents that burned either fully or partially and the amount of water used to put out the fire can affect a structure. Mr. Haden’s experience as a firefighter and his IICRC FRST designation allow him a unique skill set to handle fire damage claims. Our equipment can test hidden smoke and water damage. Our equipment can also provide a 3d image of the damage to a building allowing us to see every inch of the building.

Wildland fires are another unique type of fire. They can damage a building without physically destroying the building. Smoke, soot, and chemicals which are in the air can enter the structure through either vents or through the air conditioning which may be running during the fire. These chemical compounds can damage the buildings structure, contents, as well as the air and life safety. Mr. Haden spent part of his time at Orange County Fire Department on the wildland fire crew 1. This training provides him with another unique skill set for claims handling.

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