Tornado Damage

Like all other losses, tornado damage brings with it a unique set of effects on a building.

Winds from tornados act differently upon a building than straight-line winds. The winds can create damages to a roofing system, curtain wall system, or other components of a building which may be hard to see. Special equipment, tools, and testing may need to be performed in order to determine if there is damage to one of the components of the building. After leaving Orange County Fire, Mr. Haden moved to Kansas City and was a fire on a local department there for several years. Being here provided him the opportunity to see tornados in person and how these storms affect a building.

Insurance Adjusters for Residential Property Damage

At Haden Claims Services, we are experts in helping residential and commercial property owners get the settlement they deserve from an insurance claim. Our expert public adjusters have decades of combined experience facilitating some of the most complex insurance claims in the business, and we’ve helped everyone from family homeowners to the world’s most prestigious companies navigate the claims process the right way and secure settlements they truly feel great about. If your home or property has been damaged by a tornado, don’t leave your settlement up to the insurance company: let our residential claims adjusters get you the money you deserve.

Residential Property Damage from Tornadoes

Like any other loss or natural disaster, tornado damage wreaks a unique set of effects on a building. Tornado winds act differently than straight-line winds, creating damage that wouldn’t normally be found in traditional wind damage – and all too often, that damage is hidden from plain view. Tornado winds can create severe damage to the roofing system, curtain wall system, and many other components of the building that may be impossible to see at first glance, and it often takes specialized equipment, tools, and testing to even uncover the damage dealt by a tornado.

At Haden Claims Services, our residential insurance adjusters have the in-depth, contextual experience needed to properly navigate the process of making a claim for tornado damage. Our own founder, Mr. Haden, was a fireman in a local Kansas City fire department for several years, giving him firsthand experience seeing the kind of damage that tornadoes and related storms can have on a building. Our insurance adjusters understand the myriad effects that tornado damage can have to every level of a building, and we work tirelessly to do the due diligence and testing necessary to fully understand the effects of tornado damage. Plus, with a wealth of experience navigating complex insurance claims both big and small, we understand how to leverage the finest details of your policy to help you get the settlement you truly deserve.

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Whether a tornado damaged your home, business, or any other property you own, you’re entitled to a fair settlement from your insurance company – and at Haden Claims Services, our mission is to help you get it. Don’t leave anything to chance: contact us today to see how our professional insurance adjusters can help you accurately demonstrate the monetary loss from hurricane damage and secure a settlement you truly feel great about.

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