About Us


Haden Claims Services provides services as an insurance industry consultant, independent public adjuster and appraiser. Mr. Brian Haden, Founder and CEO, has participated in nearly 3,000 appraisals as either the appraiser or umpire. Mr. Haden has also been accepted in both federal and state courts as an expert witness.

Mr. Haden’s vast experience as an expert in the property insurance field brings a legal and investigative skill set that is unlike most adjusters. Mr. Haden has personally handled claims with loss values in excess of $67 million dollars and has managed over $150 million dollars worth of insurance appraisals.

The vast majority of clients have never needed to submit a claim to their insurance carrier, and can quickly discover how complex and time-consuming the claims process will be. Claim terms are confusing, and understanding of proper protocols and policy interpretation is unusually difficult. Haden Claims Services is highly skilled at managing all phases of the claims process, regardless of the size of the loss or the insurance company involved.

While most insurance companies boast about fast and reliable service, the claims process is not a sprint, it is a marathon. As with any long race, proper training is necessary if you want to make it to the finish. There are those who simply finish and those who finish with success. HCS is your partner through the claims process. With tested years of real-life claims settlement work spanning over 100 catastrophic events, HCS is prepared to steer clients through the complexities that arise in every property insurance claim to reach the appropriate financial resolution.