At HCS we have participated in over 100 mediations over the years.

Mediation is a common way to settle claims prior to litigation. Often the team at HCS is retained in order to prepare a field file for an attorney for the mediation. This means the file was not one that HCS originally participated in and the attorney recognized the need to confirm the information they have on hand. Based upon our skill set and reputation, the law firm selected HCS to review the file and prepare a file for the mediation. This allows the attorney a disinterested set of eyes to inspect the property and provide them with feedback necessary to settle the case. This type of file preparation is unique. At HCS we are going to look for the good, the bad and the ugly in a file and advise the clients of all aspects. At HCS our reputation is above reproach because we give honest feedback. Our years of experience, ongoing training and education allow us to a claim with the end game in mind. It is our job to help get to a reasonable settlement and to do that an expert must recognize the good, the bad, and the ugly and prepare a file accordingly.

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