Hurricane Damage

Destructive hurricanes seem to become more frequent.

What is unique about a hurricane is that it can combine nearly every other type of weather claim. The winds are similar to tornados, the amount of water from the air can be as much as flood waters, hail can also be associated with hurricanes, extended shaking of a building creates similar damage as an earthquake. Ruptured gas lines can cause fire damage. Hidden damages to roofing systems, walls cavities, electrical systems, building components are all possible with hurricanes. Our years of experience working hurricane claims for insurance companies as well as for property owners along with our state of the art equipment and certifications.

Professional Insurance Claims Adjusters

At Haden Claims Services, our mission is simple: help our clients get the settlement they deserve in the event of any unforeseen disaster. As a public adjuster with extensive experience navigating both commercial and residential insurance claims, we understand the complexities that go into making a claim against an insurance policy and how tiny, minute details in the policy and the claim can have drastic impacts on the eventual settlement. No matter what kind of emergency you’ve suffered or what kind of insurance claim you’re making, the expert residential claims adjusters at Haden Claims Services are here to help you get the money you’re entitled to – including when your home has suffered from hurricane damage.

Home Claims Adjuster for Residential Property Damage from Hurricanes

It seems like destructive hurricanes become more frequent with each hurricane season, and for homeowners, that can truly be a nightmare. Hurricanes are one of nature’s most destructive forces, bringing together a torrent of forces that can wreak havoc on every aspect of a home. And from an insurance claims perspective, that can make hurricanes particularly difficult.

What’s unique about a hurricane is that it combines nearly every other type of weather-based insurance claim: hurricanes create gale-force winds similar to that of tornadoes, bring torrential rains and storm surges that can create flood waters, shake buildings to the point of replicating earthquake damage, and even unleash hail that can smash through windows and destroy rooftops. Even worse is the secondary damage: hurricanes can rupture gas lines that cause massive fires, bring down power lines and destroy transformers, and leave untold hidden damage to roofing systems, wall cavities, electrical systems, and virtually every other component of a building.

From an insurance perspective, that can be a messy thing to navigate. Residential insurance policies can be complex, and most insurance companies will try their hardest to manipulate tiny details of your policy to shed liability from the different forms of damage – but at Haden Claims Services, we’re here to protect you. Our expert home claims adjusters will carefully review every detail of your policy, ensuring you get the maximum coverage for water, wind, shaking, fire, and any other form of home damage.

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