Expert Witness – Claims Handling Practices

HCS has several people who have qualified in either state or federal courts to act as experts.

Expert Witnesses for Insurance Claims

At Haden Claims Services, we have virtually unmatched experience in navigating some of the most complex insurance claims processes in the world. Our public adjusters and commercial claims adjusters have worked with some of the largest, most prestigious companies in the world to navigate settlements for complicated and unique insurance claims, giving us a unique perspective on the insurance claims process. We’re proud to have several employees who have qualified in either state or federal courts to act as experts, so if you need an expert witness to navigate your insurance claim, HCS can help.

Expert Witness for Damage Assessment & Insurance Coverage

Our insurance adjusters are some of the best in the business, and we’re proud to report that several of our adjusters are qualified as expert witnesses by the courts. This means that a judge and attorneys on both sides of the case have reviewed the competency of individual and agreed that they’re designated as an expert in their field – and that means our expert witness employees are at full liberty to testify as a designated expert in your case.

HCS has designated experts in the fields of Insurance Claims Practices, Damage Assessment, and Insurance Coverage application, and our deep and wide-ranging experience means our expert witnesses can act on virtually any form of insurance claim. Our experts have extensive experience participating in both depositions and at trial, meaning they’ll feel completely at home testifying before either side of the case. Our experts have also participated in private mediation processes, and we understand what it takes to make meaningful progress and get both sides to a good deal. No matter which way the litigation process takes you, our experts are fully-equipped to help at every stage of the process and help you get the settlement you deserve.

Retain an Expert Witness for Your Insurance Claim Today

When it comes to litigating an insurance claim, there’s no room to leave anything to chance. The experts at Haden Claims Services have the experience, the knowledge, and above all, the expertise to give your case exactly what it needs to move forward and reach a strong settlement. So what are you waiting for? Contact us to retain an expert witness for your case today!

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